Cloud (Build 03/14/2006)

Use the sky as canvas and clouds as paint


  • Original idea
  • Nice graphics
  • Beautiful music


  • Too short

Very good

Who has not ever dreamed about being able to fly? Cloud has taken this recurrent dream that many of us have and has transformed it into a game. Yes, Cloud is supposed to be a game, but sometimes it looks more like an oniric experiment in between games and dreams.

Designed with simple graphics but a great artistic taste, Cloud is highly enjoyable for the feelings of relaxation it transmits to the gamer, and also for a wonderful background music. The character is controlled with the mouse with an extraordinarily level of sensibility, so you'll need some time to train your movements.

The downside to Cloud is that it gets boring too fast: either you don't quite understand how to play it or you end it too soon. Anyway, it's still an original game that is worth trying.

Cloud is an original game created by a group of students at the School of Cinema & Television (University of Southern California). This game was initially born as a course project but has reached over class limits to gamers all around the world and has received lots of prizes.

As a kind of mixture between a puzzle and a relaxation application, Cloud challenges you to create drawings using the sky as an enormous canvas and clouds as your paint. Use your mouse to fly around and capture clouds in order to create the drawing in each level.



Cloud (Build 03/14/2006)

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